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First Class Vacations

  • Central Europe (Prague, Austria and German Castle Country)
  • Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice)
  • Northern Italy (Milan, Bellagio / Lake Como, Venice)
  • Spain and the French Riviera (Madrid, Barcelona, French Riviera)
  • England City Tour (London, Dublin, Edinburgh)
  • Norway (Oslo, Bergin, Stavanger)
  • City Trips: London, Paris, Rome

Travel to Europe with Class and Save Money!!!

First Class Vacation provides European trip itineraries and booking suggestions.


First Class Vacation caters to travelers who want a a classy vacation where they can be immersed in European culture, while doing so at a reasonable price.


First Class Vacation provides sample vacation itineraries with links to popular travel sites to handle your bookings.


First Class Vacation Shows You How!!!


First Class Vacation offers travelers guide packages that consist of a Rick Steves travel book and a custom packet containing directions, maps, itineraries, phone numbers and other useful information all contained in a handy binder for  you to take along. The guide package contains valuable information that allows you to travel confidently in Europe and enjoy your First Class Vacation!!!


Guide Packages Complement First Class Vacation Itineraries

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